Quick Trip to Geneva, Switzerland in Photos

I won’t say to much in this post- I’ll let the photos speak for themselves ūüôā My quick business trip to Geneva was¬†fun and productive, despite the inevitable jet lag. ¬†I got to¬†play with new LindseyMarie jewelry, see old friends, … Continue reading

How to Personalize Your Accessories in 2014

Happy New Year! ¬†After a very hectic December which included traveling to Switzerland, hosting my family for a quick Christmas in Singapore and then celebrating the New Year in Bali, I am now back at home in Singapore and ready … Continue reading

Travel Secrets from Europe: How to Feel Slim After 20 Hours of Traveling and How to Pack Less but Still Look Fab

Quick international trips can be a nightmare to pack for, and once you arrive, ¬†there are always a few obstacles to overcome as a result of endless hours cooped up on a plane: Jet-lag, swelling, bloating, feeling generally bleh… ¬†Well, … Continue reading

Some of The Best Running Motivation: An Amazing View, Clean-Fresh-Air, Beautiful Weather… Welcome To Geneva, Switzerland/Haute Savoie

Just arrived in my other home, Geneva, Switzerland and despite my jet-lag, decided to go for a long run outside in the fresh air. ¬†I actually forgot how amazing the air is here. ¬†You can feel your lungs breathing deeper– … Continue reading

Geneva – Singapore (Via Dallas and London) LindseyMarie Designer Spotlight

If you’ve never checked out http://www.boticca.com there is no time like the present! ¬† It’s an international website showcasing designers from all over and curated to have only the best selection. ¬†Boticca is a great virtual space to discover new … Continue reading