Did Someone Say Bacon-Wrapped French Fries?

My FIRST Bacon-Wrapped French Fry Ah yes. That is correct. Bacon-wrapped french fries!!! Can I get an Amen! There is a new kid in town, The Rockin’ Diner, and he’s serving up the most authentic (and deliciously sinful) American comfort food … Continue reading

How to Survive a Stomach Virus/Food Poisoning in Singapore

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling less than great…My stomach was killing me and I had aches and pains all over.  Throughout the day it just got worse and by midday, I ended up in bed drinking soup and feeling … Continue reading

Fancy Pants…or Shorts rather, and an Iced Americano

Living in the tropics is a great excuse for holiday attire year round.  Some people claim that they miss having 4 seasons…I don’t know what they are talking about. Coats- hate them.  Boots- why wear boots, when you can wear … Continue reading