When Is It Smarter to Shop Online?

Picodi Main

We might all have our own opinions about when it is better to shop online and what’s better done in person, but today I want to share about how to save money by going online, and even better, how to save online, using a curated 3rd party sale site. Never used one? Let me introduce Picodi.sg. This little gem of a site actually collects sales info from all your favorite brands and sites, then posts the best deals in one easy to view location for you to shop instantly and save!



Some of my favorite brands on the site are Hip Van, Sephora, Shopbop, Yoox and Expedia. Rather than going to each site individually (Who has time for that!? Lol. But, No seriously…) You can just mosey over to picodi.sg, have a look at all the latest and greatest deals, do your shopping, choose your delivery and Voila! Insta-shopping, Insta-savings.



While I love going on a proper shopping expedition in the city with 1 or 2 besties, the opportunities are few and far between these days. Work, Family, Fitness, and trying to generally not collapse, make the idea of braving Singapore’s shopping malls, fairly unattractive. Save yourself a walk in the 30C haze andyou’re your shopping fix online. With a discount!



The deals on Picodi change often and many are limited time offers, so be sure to pass by regularly so that you don’t miss something fabulous.

Let me know how you like it. I always ❤ to hear what you have to say.

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