Where to Shop Online for Cute, Affordable, Quality Sportswear

In addition to being a huge fan of running, yoga, HIIT, and fitness in general, I love being able to do all of these activities wearing super cute sportswear.  Ask any of my shopping buddies and they will tell you: I’m always on the hunt for new pieces to add to my workout-wardrobe that make me feel stylish and trendy despite the sweat.  I would say it’s almost an obsession…I mean, aside from the obligation to wear professional attire to work, why even bother wearing “normal clothes” on your own time when you can wear pretty fitness clothes all day!?

IMG_4567I love mixing big brand pieces with special pieces from smaller, boutique brands.  My latest acquisitions are these fabulous sports bra tops by a new Singaporean brand called Naked Wear.  Their designs are super fun, and have the added benefit of being comfortable with a fit that is meant to really (ahem!) support you during you workout session.


The line was specifically developed to meet all the demands for fitness enthusiasts– the pieces are perfect for a variety of training from running to yoga.  Many items, like this Summer Fairy Bra are also waterproof, so you can even go for a swim.



The Othello Bra has an amazing fit and I love the crisscross back.  This will definitely be a staple in my running wardrobe. If you want to try it out for yourself, Naked Wear has -15% off this model in celebration of GSS! Check out the offer here: https://instagram.com/p/36F3WPRx13/?taken-by=naked_wear

I just love these outfits and I got tons of compliments from my fellow gym rats 🙂
IMG_4573 (1)

For more on these and other gorgeous pieces, visit the Naked Wear website to see what’s new: http://nakedwear.co  and be sure to follow their Instagram for the latest on sales and promotions here: @naked_wear


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