Evolution of The Meatball — Club Meatballs, Singapore


Club Meatballs is one of my new favorite restaurants in Singapore!  This is definitely not some old school spaghetti and meatballs type of situation, these are gourmet-esq meatball concoctions with choices like: White fish coriander and chilli, Wagyu beef and rosemary, chickpea and corriander, free-range chicken and cumin, and Iberia pork and fennel.

Have I got your attention now?


The way the menu works is pretty cool– you first “Choose Your Balls” (i.e. one of the combos above), then you choose what goes “On Your Balls” (sauce) like pesto, or salsa verde, and then finally you choose what you want “Below Your Balls” with options like Roasted Vegetables, Mashed Potatos, Fresh Papardelle and others featured in the image.


It’s a simple and brilliant concept that lets you completely customize your meal.  Which is perfect for me because I’m super picky! I went for White Fish, Coriander & Chilli Balls with Pesto Sauce on top of Roasted Vegetables and it was absolutely delicious.  Everything tastes fresh and flavorful, which is something that is not always easy to find in Singapore.  The night I went, my girlfriends tried some of the other combos and everyone was blown away by how delicious it was.  There are some additional tapas/snacks, salads and desserts.  I had the Beetroot, Apple, Radicchio, Feta & Walnuts salad and as you can probably imagine, it was yummy.





And, if you are a brunch lover, then you’ll be very happy to add Club Meatballs to your repertoire.  I like to build my own breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado) but their brunch meals are gorgeous and tasty.

The atmosphere is friendly and casual.  Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂







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