Self-Care and Some Soap and Glory


How often do you take time for self-care? In the natural health and wellness sphere, self-care is considered to be a necessary component of a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Of course, it seems a bit obvious. But, how many of us really do it? Do you even know what it is? Well, the definition varies from person to person. For you, it might be going for a massage, for someone else, it might be a hot bath or a hot towel scrub. The point is to slow down and take time to do something to care for yourself, and be to ask yourself “Self, How are you doing over there?!”

You don’t have to meditate in a corner to take care of yourself, I think a fun way to make sure you take a little time out is to experiment with some different bath and beauty products like these fun ones from Soap and Glory.

I know for me and my work, my days start with emails, text messages, to-do lists, news articles, advertisements, work, meetings, follow ups, more email, etc… I love it but I do notice that when I’m really involved in my work, or if I have a particularly busy week, I start to lose a lot of awareness of my body and start living in my head. That might sound a little woo woo crazy. But, I’m sure you do it too. And that lack of self-awareness is what can lead to bigger problems, in health, business and relationships, because when we don’t really feel good, we tend to not make the people around us feel very good either, right?


So let’s get down to it, what are some fun and easy ways to start incorporating self-care without diving off the granola cliff. Well, I think the way a lot of women like to start is a hot bath. Make it one with some Soap and Glory. Tidy up and decorate your bathroom and make it as close to a spa experience as possible, with pretty toiletry accents. You can add a diffuser with lavender or peppermint essential oils, you can get some really plush floor mats and of course some kind of music player (or audiobooks/podcasts if you want to go that route). Having a fabulous robe can also make you feel like a million bucks when you get out of a nice hot bath, even if you only get to treat yourself for a quick 3o min sesh. Anyway, I want to open up the topic and start talking about how to take care of/pamper ourselves in this crazy (amazing) but manic world without breaking the bank.


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