German Skincare Brand Alcina Launches New Cosmetic Line in Asia with Luxola, Singapore


Last week I was super lucky to go to the launch of the new cosmetic line by Alcina at the very cool Club Street Social Bar and Restaurant in Singapore.  This new European product line is now available exclusively on Luxola.  Alcina is a German skincare brand, which has a longstanding reputation in effective dermatology solutions that now has a commercial line that is also potent and effective, but available without prescription.  With products that range from gentle cleansers, to their best selling Hyaluron Gel 2.0, and even fruit acid peels, Alcina has a protocol for any skin type.  My personal favorite is the Hyaluron Gel 2.0.  I have sensitive acne-prone skin, but I’m also concerned about early-anti-aging protection, and this gel hydrates my skin and makes it look flawless.  It will definitely be a staple in my routine.



One of the other skincare products I loved were the Nourishing Capsules, which are single use oil beads. You just twist off the top and squeeze out the oil.  It feels amazing on your skin, makes you glow and smells gorgeous.  This is more of a treat for every once in a while in a humid climate like Singapore, but for traveling, I think this would be a wonderful product to have on hand to make sure skin does not dry out while jetsetting.


Alcina flew over one of their in-house professional makeup artists to give us a presentation on their latest and greatest cosmetics.  We had a couple volunteer models who helped demonstrate simple, lovely makeover ideas that were very easy to do and natural.  I really liked the contouring tutorial using concealer and powder to accentuate light on the face as well as highlight cheek bones.  This helps you achieve a Kim K. type of glow.  We also learned how to use their powders and eyebrow brushes to create the perfect brows that are totally “On Fleek.”





The afternoon was great fun!  The hard part will be deciding which products to order next.  Alcina has so many wonderful options and because they are a skincare company first and a cosmetic company second, they understand that women want makeup that is going to make their skin look and feel amazing.




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