Worried Your Vacation Will Sabotage Your Wellness Efforts? – A How-To Guide for Coming Back Feeling Slim and Gorgeous




As a certified diet and nutrition coach as well as a health and beauty biohacker, I get a lot of questions from clients and friends about how to travel, and especially, go on a luxurious vacation, without gaining weight, bloating, or coming back feeling heavy and lethargic. Well, lucky for you, I am going to share some of my favorite tips and tricks for staying on track and even thriving over your holidays, that is…assuming you’re not going to Burning Man or something of the sort… So, let’s just say you’re going on a fabulous trip to Bali and staying in one of The Luxe Nomad’s swanky villas.  This is, after all, a blog post that will be entered for a chance to win a lust-worthy trip to do just that 🙂



Quick tip- Make exercise fun when traveling by exploring your surroundings on foot and taking time to do some instagram-worthy exercises along the way.




When I’m planning a big trip, I think about 4 things: Beauty, Fashion, Fitness and Food.  These are the categories that are the most important for me to figure out, and plan for, in order to fully enjoy a (well-deserved) vacation without sacrificing my health and fitness. I will go through each of these categories to explain what I mean and provide some suggestions for optimizing your experience.  Following this advice has helped me to be able to indulge, relax and fully enjoy my travels, yet come back looking and feeling better than when I left.



While it can be tempting to pack light and just bring a few random staples from your daily beauty routine (especially at the nudging of a well-intentioned partner…) I urge you to reconsider.  Vacation is the perfect time to slow down and give your skin and hair a lot of TLC. I mean, when would you have more time to dedicate to implementing new good habits than now?! Especially since a warm tropical place like Bali will have ample sun and sweaty outdoor activities. The best way to embrace this beauty improvement opportunity is to get a proper travel skincare kit with products that make a difference. I absolutely love the Laneige Perfect Renew Travel Set. Laneige is the hot K-beauty brand that I can’t get enough of, and all of the products in this travel set are geared towards an early anti-aging protocol. You’re getting ahead of the game by sticking to a regimen like this. Laneige skincare emphasizes ultimate skin hydration and even uses a special Water Complex technology in their products, which gently cleanse your skin, and leave it feeling bright and smooth. The Laneige Perfect Renew Travel Set covers all of the bases for optimal skin care, packs perfectly in this cute case and even smells deliciously fresh. Plus, a little goes a long way, so you’ll have plenty left over after your holiday.

Check it out on Luxola and use my code: BLX-LINDSEYLIPSTICK to get 15% off   🙂 You’re Welcome




I also suggest bringing your own shampoo and conditioner. Rarely will hotel products be as good as what you use at home and with all that sun in Bali, why damage your hair while soaking up the sun?  My personal hair-care faves for traveling and keeping the routine simple are L’Oreal’s EverPure shampoo and conditioner (Also available on Luxola). One great tip for keeping your hair soft while at the beach or pool: bring some conditioner with you in your beach bag, and after getting out of the water, rub some in your locks. This keeps them from drying-out and getting knotted-up until you can get to a shower.



What to wear?  Well, let’s consider the activities. In Bali, you will need shorts, light tops, sundresses, swimsuits and cover-ups, and clothes that are appropriate for visiting temples (covering shoulders and knees) if you will be doing this. I have forgotten appropriate temple clothes on several vacations and always end up having to buy scarves and wrap myself up like a mummy… This does not make for great Instagram photos…You will also need some cute workout clothes (which is a good incentive to make sure you stay active during your trip). Check out Alo Yoga or Splits :59 (My faves of the moment).  Shoes are going to be sandals, trainers, and something fancy in case you get a chance to go out. lay everything out by category (i.e. tops, bottoms etc..) then edit!!! I also like to get a new swimsuit before a big trip and use it as motivation to stick to or enhance my fitness routine.  Which brings us to….



Ok, I’m not saying that you need to be at the gym everyday on your precious vacation time. But, if you want to feel good and light at the end of your holiday, AND you want to eat the breakfast buffet, it is important that you stay active. Bring a jump rope and squeeze in 5 mins here and there.  Or, Log onto YouTube for a 7 minute Tabata workout in your hotel room. Choose at least 1 (or more) physical activities to do per day that can be part of your vacay experience; maybe a hike, some yoga, a long walk on the beach, cycling, swimming, paddle boarding or even “cardio shopping.” Yes, cardio shopping counts (in my book) if you are on your feet, walking for several hours, and trying on clothes.


If you are already a quasi gym-bunny, it’s even more important to find ways to squeeze in activity as a sudden drop in activity, might make you feel sluggish, tired, irritable and even blue.  As a runner, I have to get in a few runs per week and I absolutely love doing this when I’m traveling as way to see and experience my surroundings.  I find these moments really beautiful and are the way I usually remember a place that I love whether it’s trails in Switzerland, a jungle in Singapore, or vineyards in France.  To help you stick to your plan, buy one new piece of kit before packing your bags- ever notice how you’re so much more interested to workout when you have a cute new outfit? Or, download a new playlist and let this motivate you to get moving. Bring a camera while you’re getting your sweat on, so you can take some fitspo worthy photos.  Just imagine how awesome and fit you’ll look working out impromptu in Bali!




Now this part is really important for making sure you don’t come back home feeling or looking rough or bloated.  80-90% of body composition is a result of your nutrition, not necessarily exercise. Though exercise is certainly an important factor and can help a lot…as I explained above. Watch out for portions and quantity. It’s tempting if there is a buffet to convince yourself that you need to try everything. But, that’s just not very practical if you want to feel slim by the pool later. If you don’t want to follow an eating plan (like avoiding grains and sugar) at least be aware of eating until only 80% full and then stop. Breathe. Digest and go be active!!!  Now, I personally bring a few things in my kit to make sure I feel optimal while traveling- This is taking up your strategy a notch for those of you who really want to plan to be at your best during your holidays and even thrive.

Advanced Suggestions:

1. Himalayan Sea Salt (HSS)

I actually keep a little shaker of this in my bag all the time as most restaurants use industrial salt, which is pretty terrible for our health. It makes me swell instantly. Swap for Himalayan sea salt, which has 84 trace minerals and experts say we can use it liberally.

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

When I don’t know what kind of food will be available at a restaurant or hotel, I always bring a bottle of EVOO with me to jazz up a basic salad (I also add my himalayan sea salt), to avoid a sugar-laden dressing.  You don’t need to bring a 1.5L bottle, just a little mini one to use discretely.

3. Avocado

I know it might seem a little crazy, but you will thank me.  Along with the EVOO and HSS, I usually bring a pre-halved avocado with me when dining in an unknown location and even when traveling in airports. This can help if you’re not crazy about whatever food you get- you can eat less of the unknown and more of your avocado with EVOO and HSS.  Yet another way to make a bland iceberg lettuce salad taste amazing and add nutritional benefits.

There are a few other fantastic nutritional supplements that I would LOVE to recommend and PLENTY of other tips and tricks, but I think we are getting ahead of ourselves, so I’ll save them for another post. If you have questions, feel free to contact me. Hope this helps you have a wonderful vacation where you can look and feel fit and beautiful while enjoying every moment!



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