From Foie Gras to Creme Brûlé- How to Celebrate The Weekend in Style

IMG_0157Last week was go go go all day everyday.  By Friday evening, I was ready for some serious R&R, a treat and some pampering and lucky for me, I managed to sort of combine all of these things into one incredible 5 course gastronomic meal at Absinthe, French Restaurant in Boat Quay.


As most of you know, I follow a largely Paleo diet, however I think it’s important to try new things and enjoy haute cuisine when given the option. So, I’m definitely not going to turn down an evening of paté, fromage, etc.. Check out this incredible blueberry creme brûlé. Ah! It was just pure pleasure. Thick, creamy with the caramel crunch = Perfection.


I’ve tried most of the top 10 rated French restaurants in Singapore, however Absinthe is a new one for me.  It is located in Boat Quay with seating on their terrace next to the river, or (as I prefer to avoid the heat whenever possible) they have a lovely dining room upstairs with a view of the river and Marina Bay Sands.



Their 5 course menu is set at a reasonable $78, which makes this indulgence justifiable in my book, especially in Singapore!  My menu started with rillettes served with a crispy bread, followed by a succulent shrimp & chorizo concoction, then a light flakey baked dorey over sautéed fennel, a selection of cheeses and topped off with a spectacular crème brûlée and tea.  The service was friendly and efficient, and everything tasted divine. Plan on an after-meal stroll to help digest, otherwise you might feel like a dumpling. I know that seems like a random comparison, but it’s exactly how I felt when I stood up.  Luckily a little stroll around Boat Quay was enough to make my stomach feel settled and ready for a nice long night of sleep.


Caught in the act! Gluten is usually a no-no for me as a paleo girl, but not on special occasions 🙂

Absinthe is a wonderful place for a date or celebration, as the ambiance feels special and intimate with beautiful attention to decorative detail. However, with food this good, it could become a regular of mine…for cheat meals that is.


Magenta Dress: Milk & Honey

Moonstone necklace and bracelets: LindseyMarie


72 Boat Quay
049860 Singapore

Tel: (65) 6222 9068
Fax: (65) 6225 6207

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