Project Paleo Singapore


Ah yes, finally a quick and easy REAL FOOD solution for Singapore.  Located in the CBD, Project Paleo, is a tiny stall hidden among 3 or 4 other food stalls just around the corner from Raffles Place.  Grab breakfast for $8 and pick up your lunch for $12.  The breakfast includes: eggs, tossed greens, nuts and either avocado, shrimp or pork.  For Lunch, you get to choose:1 main (oregano chicken, sage dorey, shrimp and squid, mustard pork, lemon salmon or rosemary beef), 2 sides (Cauliflower “rice,” sautéed vegetables, tossed greens, sweet potato mash, mushrooms, broccoli & carrots).  For $1.50, you can add a side: Eggs, almonds, avocado, macadamia, pecans, walnuts.  And you can top it off with dessert: Avocado Banana Mousse.



I’ve had the Sage Dory the last time I went, and the Oregano Chicken this time, along with Cauliflower “rice,” sauteed vegetables, sweet potato mash.  The food is delicious and being able to pick up a meal on the go is super convenient.  If you eat in, they even provide himalayan salt, and a few other spices. Though it’s in a typical outdoor Singaporean hawker centre setup.  So it’s far from romantic…but for post workout, or on the go food, it’s fine.


I was actually so starving when I went the other day, I totally forgot to take a photo of my meal before I started it!!! Total blogging fail! In my defense, I had just completed a 3+ hour hike in the Singapore heat, and was ready to refuel.  Anyway, I wanted to go ahead and write about this place because I really love it!


If you’re a paleo groupie, real food enthusiast or you just want to eat something delicious and convenient, I urge you to go check out Project Paleo.  Go early as they can be sold out of many things by 12:30, though hopefully they’ll start scaling up and making more grub.  You can find more info about them here on their Facebook page:

One thought on “Project Paleo Singapore

  1. Great. Looks like you were having fun!!! And the food was good!

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