My Favorite Organic Hair Goodies


Ahhhh yes!  Salon day! Every 2 months, when I cut/color my hair, I look forward to a couple hours of pampering, reading trashy magazines and freshening up my style at Organic Hair Professional (River Valley/Orchard Central Location).  The salon is simple and clean much like their living green ethos, the staff is friendly and actually really what their doing.  My favorite stylist, Kim, saved me last year after another salon DESTROYED my hair so badly with highlights that I had to cut a lot of my precious locks off.  Kim took 1 look at my damaged strands and got to work at sorting out the disaster.  By the time I left, my hair was soft, silky, and beautiful again.  And what’s even cooler is that he made it happen using organic products! Brilliant!


At Organic Hair Professional, they use a brand of products called O’Right, which is considered to be the “The World’s Greenest Shampoo.”  The products smell amazing, work wonders on even damaged hair and are: Environ. Hormones free (NP), Parabens free, formaldehyde free, Colourants free, phthalates free, sulfate surfactants free.  Incredible!  I have tried tons of organic hair products, always having some issues with quality.  O’Right products are clarifying, moisturizing, and make my hair look and feel fantastic even in the brutal Singapore climate.


My personal favorite set of products is the Purple Rose Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, followed by the Yogurt Hair Mask (which I actually use as a leave-in conditioner) and topped off with the Golden Rose Oil to smooth everything out and protect if I curl or straighten my hair.  The Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is really great once a week to make your scalp tingle and feel ultra fresh.  If you have long hair like me and run/exercise outside, you can tie your hair up in a pony tail, braid the ponytail and the wet the ends and put some of the yogurt hair mask on before leaving for your run- this will help to protect from the heat and sweat which normally damage the ends pretty badly.  When you come back, wash hair as usual and you will find that this helps your hair stay in better shape between treatments.


Back when I had the highlights (which makes your hair more dry no matter how well the highlights are done) I would also go for a hair mask treatment in between color/cut days.  Their hair mask is amazing and really makes your hair silky smooth for a couple weeks.  Plus they give your noggin a nice relaxing massage so you are fully re-charged by the time you leave.


Check them out Organic Hair Professional on Facebook at:

For more information about O’Right, You can check out the website here:

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