Hair Rx For A Hot & Humid Summer

I was having tea with a friend of mine a few days ago and we started talking about how the constant heat and humidity in Singapore can be so harsh on our hair.  I mean, shouldn’t more moisture in the air actually keep our locks hydrated? The answer is actually no, I found out…(More on this in a minute)  Well, since I’ve started spending most of the year in the tropics, I’ve realized that I need to basically have an arsenal of products dedicated to my hair care, especially since adding blonde back in (thanks to Shape Magazine and Kim Robinson Salon, Article featured in April 2014, below).  Since then, I’ve added more blond highlights and I’ve had to be vigilant about my routine to keep the frizz at bay.



Here You will find my Hot & Humid Hair Rx:

I don’t know if it will work for everyone, but it’s the best combination of products that  have worked for me.

I usually opt for Head and Shoulders because it really cleans the scalp (regardless of whether or not you have dandruff).  I’ve actually never had dandruff, but I find this is the most clarifying shampoo that I have ever tried.
Conditioner: Brazilian Blowout (on the link above)
Love these Brazillian Blowout products!  They really help bring the sleekness back to dry hair.
Masque: 2x per week– Brazillian Blow out (also on link above)
This was one of the best recommendations I got for treating dry hair. I usually use it 2x per week especially if I’ve been working out a lot outside.
Before blow drying (You must finish by blow drying hair here or it will get dry at the ends!): FrizzEase Six-Effects, Extra Strength 
I add this too with the Frizz Ease before blow drying and I put a little bit on the ends everyday to add hydration and shine…oh, and it smells really nice:
​It’s not as crazy as it sounds, I hate spending time on my hair, so I have mastered this routine to spend MAX 20 mins (except for the days with the masque) you need an extra 15 for that. ​

Back to the question earlier– Why does hair get dry and frizzy in a humid environment?  Well, according to this is what happens to hair in the hot, humid, summer weather:


Split Ends

  • Humidity causes an increase in split ends because it actually dries out the hair, leaving it malnourished. The ends and edges split when they don’t receive enough nutrients.


  • Humidity adds more moisture to the air and can actually make dry hair look and feel even more dry. This is caused by the swelling of the hair follicles as more moisture enters the hair.


  • Frizziness is a condition that causes the hair to look frizzy as the hairs split. The increase of moisture in the hair causes this to happen.


  • Humidity causes more general damage to dry hair as well. As the hairs tear and split, they look brittle, dry and dirty.


  • The best way to reduce the effects of humidity on dry hair is by using specific products for dry hair, including hair serums and leave-in conditioners. Reducing the amount of electrical products the person uses, such as curling irons and hair dryers, is also recommended.

Read more :

If you have any other product recommendations, send them my way.  I’m always interested in any product that can be effective in this situation.  And it IS a situation!!!

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