My Latest and Greatest Gadget Acquisition for Healing High-Heel-Shoe-Aches, Running Pains and Increasing Circulation


Just a couple of weeks ago, I got back from a 1-month glorious trip in America to visit family and friends, oh, and get a bit of work done.  Before leaving for my big trip in the USA, I had a nagging pain in my lower leg and suspected it was the beginning of shin splints from having upped running miles during that time.  So, I went to see my osteopath and he sorted me out and the pain was POOF! Gone!  Which was great! Then, I had a couple more great runs, and hopped on a long set of flights from Singapore to Tokyo and all the way to Dallas, Texas.  By the time I arrived, My leg pain was back.  After my first run, I could barely walk!  I took some rest, saw my massage therapist there as well as my chiropractor, which helped, but I wasn’t able to get rid of the pain completely and every time I ventured to start my running up again, the pain was back and even walking would be difficult after it was fired up.

I got worried it was DVT.  After pretty much every Doctor I’ve ever had warning me about my all the long distance travel I do every year, I was concerned that maybe it had caught up to me.  Recently, there have been more and more articles discussing the topic of how it is commonly affecting young, fit women.  So, I went to see my GP who thought it was DVT and had me do an ultrasound straight away.  Thankfully, it wasn’t!!!  Just really tight muscles with poor circulation which was making it difficult to recover.



So I bought some 2XU Compression Recovery Socks ( for after exercise, and as well to wear on the planes back to Asia.  and when I got back to Singapore I bought what I now consider to be the Holy Grail of Running recovery…The Osim Uphoria calf/foot massager.  OMG! I cannot even describe the relief.  After just a few days of using it for about 20-30 mins while watching TV, I am back to running and feeling great.  There are 4 settings: Reflexology, Calm, Sleep and Toning.  This is the best rehab for everything from high-heels to running.  Now, I will be using the Uphoria preventatively and let’s be serious…who doesn’t want a nice foot massage before bed anyway…. I will say as a warning though, this machine is STRONG. Which, is why I love it!  But, if you are looking for a soft Sweedish massage type of feel, this is not it– Osim has a couple other products for that.  This is for serious Tui Na type of massage and bring great relief to deep tissue/muscular pain.



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