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Just a quick post for you exercise junkies like me who love to have great music while running/working out.  Actually, a lot of my motivation comes from the excitement of getting to rock out to my playlist while on my usual route. I save this playlist for exercise use only =) This brings me to my point– I recently learned about a website called it’s run by Chris Lawhorn, a DJ and writer for the Huffington Post.  Every month he compiles a list of the best running songs for the moment, and because of his profession, he knows what he’s talking about.  He’s scoured the remixes of all the latest and best music and if you sign up for the emails, you get them delivered right to your inbox every month.  If you use his $10 for 10 weeks mix service ($1 per week).  He will send you a link to a 30min-1hr mix and guarantees your satisfaction or your money back. I tried it out and the first 2 mixes are awesome!  I feel like I am at a club with awesome music (not the kind of club that will have awesome music and then throw out some old school beastie boys music…who can dance to that? and why do DJs do that!?…I digress…), anyway these types of mixes really helps me stay in the zone and make a 10 mile run feel like a dance party. Here’s the link again: Enjoy!





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