Golf Range Sunday Style


Shorts, Top, Shoes Nike Free 3.0: Nike

Sunglasses: Oakley

Fit Bit:

Earrings and Bracelets: LindseyMarie

Last Sunday was the first free day I have had in quite a while. So, I started the day with a lovely 10k run and then went with a group of friends to a golf range in central Singapore. It was not the most beautiful golf range I have ever been to…actually I won’t even mention where it is, because the state of it was pretty grim, like, I think the clubhouse might double as a brothel by night… but it was a great place to practice for cheap and our fellow golfers seemed like the typical crew in polo shirts and fancy golf swag…so all in all, it’s not so bad if you just want to practice or have a lesson one day.  Despite the description, if you are still interested in going, you can go to my contact page and email me and I’ll give you the info privately.

I was happy because 1.  I managed to have a great practice despite having not picked up a club in months and 2. because I got to wear some of my new Nike/sport gear!  Here are some photos from the day.






My FitBit bling of the day: LindseyMarie Vertu Necklace/Bracelets in Spinel (black) and Topaz (blue)


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