My New Fashionable Fitness Faves, March 2014


FitBit Flex

LindseyMarie Bracelets (Convertible Necklace/Bracelets) in Purple Amethyst with Sterling Silver Butterflies and Black Spinel with Gold Pyrite

Nike Free 3.0


As it was recently my birthday, I received quite a few fabulous fitness related presents that I am absolutely loving and thought I would share with you all =) I’m a big fan of mixing sport with fashion, so here are a few of my picks for staying stylish while you sweat!




I love the Nike Free 3.0 for its color and style. It is meant for more of a barefoot running style but I will use it for shorter runs and for sporting around town with cute fitness gear.  The Nike free goes on like a sock and is super soft and comfy inside, but the sole is quite thin, so for those of you who prefer running shoes that lean toward support/cushioning, this won’t be your running shoe, but could be a great daytime casual shoe for feeling great while running around doing errands.



One of the other gifts I received was a new iPod in pink =) I’ve been using my phone or a shuffle to listen to music while I run for years now, but I love the style of these new iPods.  Here I have playing one of my favorite jams lol But seriously, how can you not feel great listening to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” ?!?



Close Up: FitBit Flex with LindseyMarie Bracelets (Vertu Collection- Necklace/Bracelets in Amethyst/Sterling Silver Butterflies & Black Spinel with Gold pyrite)

One thought on “My New Fashionable Fitness Faves, March 2014

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