Sporty Sandal Trend… I’ll Take It!


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Top: Shorts: Jewelry: Sandals: Bag: Sunglasses:

Can we all just give thanks for a moment that the powers that be have made “sporty sandals” a trend for this sumer.  Yes, it’s true.  We are starting to see them pop up everywhere and while I do believe a fabulous pair of peep-toe-stiletto-Loubies can pretty much make you feel like a million bucks, the sporty sandal is, well…a lot more realistic for most of us.


Out and about running errands including re-stocking my Nespresso capsules!!!! Loving the Carmelito right now!

Here’s what Hapers Bazaar has to say about it:


I happen to already embrace this trend pretty much year-round when I’m spending time in Singapore.  However, I recently added to to my sporty sandal collection with a fun pair of FitFlop Crystalulu sandals in black.  I actually saw a woman at my yoga studio come in with them on and I fell in love! They are super comfy, sporty, sparkly and add a little of this summer’s trend in a nice subtle, easy-to-wear kind of way.   They look great with yoga gear (which I double as get-stuff-done-around-town gear) as well as with fun, casual day-wear.


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Now, I love the sporty sandal mixed with feminine details, like jewelry or a fun look like this graphic T-Shirt, but I just can’t endorse socks with sandals, which has been part of this whole look on the runways.  So, at least for me, that’s a BIG NO.  But, if you love it, go for it! And send me a photo to prove me wrong!!!




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