Neon Pink Top + Black Bandage Skirt + Tatsuya = Fab Night Out


Lately, I can’t stop with pink, black, and white.  I’ve tried to wear other colors and it just doesn’t feel right.  So I’m going with it.  For a night out this week, I went with this fun flirty outfit.  The neon pink top is actually a dress from H&M but I tried it on by itself and it felt really scandalous for sophisticated, quiet dinner reservations, so I classed it up with a BCBG black bandage skirt and some Nine West kitten heels.  The necklace is a black spinel LindseyMarie Vertu Necklace/Bracelet that has just enough sparkle to add something special to the outfit without competing with the neon top — and the sparkly knuckle-ring clutch is from a little boutique in Far East Plaza.


IMG_4273 2

I’ve heard a lot of chatter about Tatsuya being a wonderful Japanese restaurant in the Orchard area, so of course I had to try for myself.  This little restaurant situated in the Goodwood Park Hotel has tables under a covered patio and a long sushi bar inside, where all the action happens.  The sushi is wonderfully fresh and delicious and the main courses are heaven.  We had the black cod, one of my favorite dishes, and a side of vegetable tempura and our tastebuds were incredibly impressed.  The cod was literally melt-in-your-mouth good, and the tempura was light and cooked in such a way that the fried bits didn’t separate from the actual veggie (something that I really appreciate).  The staff was very friendly and as we were sitting at the sushi bar, we were entertained by watching all the sushi rolls being made as well as what seemed to be an artisan method of cooking the hot dishes using portable torches and finally the decoration of the finished product.







Neon Pink Top with Zip Front (Dress) : H&M, Black Bandage Skirt: BCBG, Black Necklae: LindseyMarie Vertu Necklace/Bracelet in Spinel or Black Sandals: Nine West

Tatsuya: 22 Scotts Road Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore 228221

26 thoughts on “Neon Pink Top + Black Bandage Skirt + Tatsuya = Fab Night Out

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