How to Personalize Your Accessories in 2014

Happy New Year!  After a very hectic December which included traveling to Switzerland, hosting my family for a quick Christmas in Singapore and then celebrating the New Year in Bali, I am now back at home in Singapore and ready to start 2014.

Of course, this will include a proper Detox (no gluten, dairy, sugar etc…), at least for a few weeks, as well as getting back to my running/yoga/tennis/swimming routine, and launching some new creative projects that I’m super excited about.

One of these projects is the new website, which now offers e-commerce!  What is even cooler is the new “Design Your Own Jewel” page, where you can create your very own Jessica Necklace/Bracelet just the way you want it.  You can choose to make your piece with semi-precious stones that you love for their sparkle or even for their meta-physical meanings.  For example, they say Amethyst helps to bring wisdom to the wearer, whereas rose quartz can bring love or strengthen love.

At the LindseyMarie boutique in Geneva, you can personalize many other kinds of jewelry using the new “Your Atelier” stations located within the shop.  So, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, it’s definitely worth checking out.  Now, you have the possibility of personalizing your jewelry for any look our outfit.









LindseyMarie Boutique

45 Rue Saint-Joseph 1227 Caourge, Switzerland

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