Marathon Motivation – T-2 days



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With only 2 days left before the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, I am starting my race day preparations and getting my kit together. For this race, I’m traveling light.  I’m going for the SPIbelt rather than a bulky water carrier. I mean, there are water stations practically every 2km so what is the point of hauling around liquids for 42km.  I will safety pin a couple PowerBar gel with caffeine packs onto my belt.  Just need to remember to pre-tear them open a bit, because by the time you need them, sweaty fingers make it pretty difficult…  Then there will be my favorite pair of Asics GEL Nimbus trainers, my iPhone and Yurbuds earphones.  Everything they say about Yurbuds is true, they stay in your ears even on your longest runs in the tropics.  They are awesome.  Then, today while I was picking up my race pack, I bought a little sport towel by Rucks. That pretty much sums up my race-day gear.  Just need to update my playlist and get ready for a 3am wake up call.  For some reason in Singapore, they like to start races at 5am.  I mean, I get that it’s hot, but 5am is just silly.  7am would be just fine.  Oh well, here we go!


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