Time for a Detox? Lucky You Juice Cleanse, Singapore

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Lately I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and a lot of eating.  This is one reason the blog posts have been a bit few and far between.  Well, now I’m back in Singapore, back on the time zone and ready to be back in tip top shape (considering I’m running the Standard Chartered Marathon in 6 days, I better get to it fast!).  Well, I decided that after a pretty indulgent trip to the USA, it was time to cleanse.  I chose Lucy You, a fabulous cold pressed juicing service that perfectly plans your detox and delivers the pre packaged goodies to your door the day before your cleanse starts.


LYU Juices

Images from: http://www.luckyyoucleanse.com.sg

The juices are packed full of nutrients with up to 1.5 kilos of vegetables in the green juices.  There are 6 juices to drink throughout the day, each different, refreshing and delicious.  The evening cashew milk is nothing short of divine.  After 3 days of this incredibly pleasant cleanse, I felt lighter and revived.  I will definitely do it again…maybe after the holidays =)  also, they have an option where you can order juts the “breakfast” and “dinner” smoothie/juices.  It’s designed to be for a partner to be able to participate with you while you juice, however it’s a great option to supplement into your weekly routine if you are trying to keep it light.

Check out the whole story and order here: http://www.luckyyoucleanse.com.sg/pages/about-us


Image from: http://www.pinterest.com


Image from: http://www.pinterest.com


Image from: http://www.pinterest.com

Oh and don’t forget to treat yourself when you finish your cleanse, now that you can fit into those skinny jeans you’ve been wanting =)  Here’s some of the goodies I got on the last day of my cleanse along with 2 of my favorite juices from the 3 days.


To top off some new wardrobe pieces, don’t forget a touch of jewelry.  This rose quartz necklace and ring, tie together a soft feminine look that makes daytime glamorous.


Rose quartz necklace and ring:  www.lindseymarie.com or http://www.boticca.com/lindseymarie

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