Singapore: Where to Have a Gorgeous Cup of Tea and Awaken Your Inner Artist



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Yesterday, I checked out Arteastiq: a fabulous boutique tea house hidden inside Mandarin Gallery.  This beautiful tea room serves sophisticated delicious teas as well as gourmet meals, light bites and dessert.  I tried the Ginger Spice tea and fell in love.  It was everything a cup of tea should be for a rainy day (which it happened to be)- sweet, spicy, and rich with flavors of cinnamon as well.  Aside from the lovely setting of this tea salon, it also serves as a space for artists.  Separated from the main restaurant/cafe, there is a painting studio, where up to 30 people can paint at the same time.  This is how they explain it on their website

Customers are given a 50 x 50 cm or 60 x 80cm canvas, unlimited acrylic paint, sponges, brushes and paint palette and are let loose with their imaginations. One free beverage from Arteastiq will be supplied and would-be artists can also order alcoholic beverages to help stimulate the flow of creative juices.


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There are even workshops that you can attend to fine tune your skills.  On their website they feature several promotions- from date night 2 for 1 deals, to lunch specials, it’s definitely a place worth giving a try.  I only enjoyed the tea on my visit but I am looking forward to going for an “art jam” soon!


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My yummy ginger spice tea =)

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