Siem Reap, Cambodia Continued: Temples, Floating Village, and The Best Tour Guide in Town


Yesterday I told you about the fabulous Privilege Floor Hotel and all the amazing amenities offered there.  Today it’s all about what’s available to see and do, and also about THE tour guide you should book if you are going to be visiting Siem Reap: Poy Pines (email: Facebook:    )

Poy was highly recommended to me by several women from the AWA in Singapore.  They said he was friendly, enthusiastic and that  he truly cares about representing his country and helping his community.  They were correct.  Email Poy, and he will offer a variety of options for full-day tours, half-day tours, and multi-day tours.  Tell him what you are interested in, and he will plan the trip to your specific requests.  He can arrange a car with AC or even a tuk tuk to drive you to all of the sights, restaurants, shops, etc…

We went for 2 full days of touring the most famous temples including Angkor Wat and what is now called the “Tomb Raider” temple.  We also visited several other temples, a floating village via small wooden boat, the famous Land Mine Museum (heart-breaking and yet incredibly interesting) and we went to visit a local village where a friend of ours had donated a water well.  Poy helps his community by identifying families in need, such as those without access to water.  If any one he meets is interested in giving to the community, he organizes many ways to get involved including the construction of water wells, which cost only $300 and the process takes just 2 weeks.  It’s amazing how a relatively small donation can completely change the lives and welfare of a family.  I will be taking a portion from profits from my company from now until the end of 2013, in order to donate as many wells as possible.

Of course, you are not obligated to make your trip a humanitarian journey. In fact, Poy never even mentioned to us that he does this type of work.  It was only because our friends mentioned it, that we wanted to know more and see the villages and how most people in the area live.  Cambodia is a beautiful country with very friendly people, however many communities live without basic necessities.  Access to water is an incredible gift to give, if possible.

Here are more photos from our tourist journey through Siem Reap including some shots from the water well donation.

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