Floral Print A-line Dress- Outfit of The Day Photo Journey


Just your average Saturday in Singapore: walking, shopping, Starbucks.  I took the opportunity of a sunny day to wear my floral summer dress from The Zara sale that I went to in Provence last month- added a lavender snake embossed cross body bag by Mondrina, and some sparkle: LindseyMarie Jewelry (www.lindseymarie.com or http://www.boticca.com/lindseymarie).  I couldn’t decide how to wear my hair, so I started with a sixties style chignon, then later left it long in the wind…or humidity rather…

Zara Floral Dress2_Fotor_Collage




Zara Floral Dress2







Zara Floral Dress3


Floral Dress: Zara, Lavender Bag: Mondrina, Jewelry- Amethyst Necklace, rosegold pyrite bracelet, rockstar drusy quartz ring : LindseyMarie (www.lindseymarie.com or http://www.boticca.com/lindseymarie) Rose gold sandals: Ivanka Trump

2 thoughts on “Floral Print A-line Dress- Outfit of The Day Photo Journey

  1. Hey would you mind telling me what size you bought? I’m trying to buy this dress somewhere but am scared to orders the wrong size because I heard Zara runs small!! I understand if you can’t… Thanks!

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