Best Fitness Combo in The City, Fresh Pressed Juice and Sport Fashion


Today was all about fitness.  We started the day with a Tennis lesson and finished up with Bikram Yoga at True Yoga (Pacific Plaza).  It was a great combination of sports to feel great just before the weekend.   I’ve been trying to change it up a bit from my usual daily run and it’s been great experimenting with some different sports.  And, of course,  I try to stay as stylish as possible in my workout gear.  My favorite brand for fitness clothes is Nike, as you can see from most of my posts, and Today’s shoes, are my comfy Asics Gel Cumulus (great for long distance).  We finished up the day with a fresh pressed juice at ION Orchard and re-hydrated at home, before going out tonight =)  Here are Today’s Snapshots and various #OOTD



After Tennis Elevator Snapshot with My Sister


Off to My Second Workout of the Day: Bikram Yoga at True Yoga


Ready for Some Bikram Yoga in The City!


Nike Workout Clothes, Fitflops, Gucci Sunglasses


Bikram Yoga was super intense, we felt like we lost at least 5lbs after 90 minutes of sweating in that hot room doing crazy yoga.  But, it was amazing and I felt amazing after.  All that was missing was a fabulous fresh pressed juice, so we headed over to the juice bar at ION Orchard.  I got Apple, Beetroot, Pear, Ginger, and it was delicious.  My new favorite post-workout treat.


Chilling and Rehydrating post-yoga


Feeling exhausted after Tennis and Bikram Yoga today but in that great “I had an amazing workout” kind of way.  Now I just need to decide what I want to wear out tonight…

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