How I lost 5 lbs in One Workout: Hot Yoga in Singapore

Yesterday afternoon, I went to try a Hot Yoga class on the east coast at a studio called Platinum Yoga. It was my first time there and In a word… it was amazing!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve done hot yoga and it felt so good to have a challenging workout that is different from running (my usual). The instructor that we had in my class was very good.  He took time to go around to all of the students to push us to go farther and do more, which made for a fantastic workout.  I felt like I lost 5lbs by the end! If you’ve never tried hot yoga, I highly recommend it. Here is a description of Hot Yoga taken from their website (

Yoga poses done in a heated room to release and relax muscles faster, ideal to loose weight. One of the most popular practices of modern times. In hot room it’s easier to stretch as well as heal. Works wonders in releasing back pain, joint pain, and knee pain and water retention. Suitable for all levels”.  

Platinum Yoga

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Platinum Yoga2

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