Workout Wednesday

Today I had a million things to do, and almost squeezed my run, but then I remembered a quote that I saw on Pinterest that more often than not, gets me to the gym even when I really don’t want to.


Yep, that pretty much sums it up.  Just thinking about the regret of missing an opportunity to run is enough motivation to go find my shoes and Dr. Beats headphones and hit the road/gym. Speaking of which, I’ve got some really great kit at the moment. As usual, for workout clothes, I am a huge fan of Nike.  Of all the brands I’ve tried, honestly Nike women’s running gear fits amazingly well with lots of support =) and bright pretty colors.  Today I went for berry and black.


Finished my 8 miles and enjoyed every minute of it.  Also, I’m not going to lie, I love the new Selena Gomez album that was just released this week and I had so much fun discovering all the tracks while spending time with one of my best friends- downstairs-gym-treadmill.  The album is very dance/club/world beats kind of vibe and made for a great workout.




So my fave kit this week: Black Nike ruched shorts, berry Nike racerback top with built in sports bra, Balega cushioned socks, Asics Gel Nimbus (for a cushy run).  Actually, I was recommended the Gel Nimbus when I was looking for a neutral running shoe with a lot of cushioning.  I tried that whole barefoot running craze and got a terrible stress fracture in my foot that took 1 year to heal.  Now I’m all about a cushy ride.  The Asics Gel Nimbus are actually made for heavier runners, so the specialist told me that I would bounce around in them on my runs.  True and fantastic! Also essential: iPhone 5, good music and Dr. Beats Heaphones.




Done and Done! Looking forward to tomorrow’s run!

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