Decor for My New Digs: Singapore ITTIBAA Framing Service, and Sunshine Yellow




Me, very happy with my completed decor project!

After finally finishing the unpacking of all of the moving boxes, it’s finally time for the fun part: Decorating! I’m starting with the walls, as all of them are white and bare for the moment.  My best friend in Dallas, Kathleen, gave me the inspiration to frame post cards and hang them as a series (I think hers are from the Valentino Exhibit that was in NY last year, though I could be wrong).  Brilliant Idea!  So, a few weeks ago, when I was in the south of France, I bought some black/white postcards showing scenes from Cannes (one of my favorite cities!), some animated postcards illustrating scenes in various areas in the Cote d’Azur, and a few brightly colored placemats showing Ad-like illustrations of other French places and things.  Aside from these little treasures I had waiting to be framed and mounted, I also had a few photos enlarged that I wanted put into gold decorative frames.

The search began! I was looking for a framing service, that wouldn’t cost a fortune, and would be able to frame and mount about 16 pieces.  Voila!  Lucky you, I found a fantastic business called ITTIBAA Glazing Enterprise.  It’s located in a random area, that I know nothing about (Block 22 Boon Keng Road, Singapore), so I took a cab both ways (fortunately, it only cost about 10 sgd).  But, the service is great and the prices are fantastic.  I’m very happy with the quality of their work.  It took just a few days for all 16 pieces, and they delivered and installed everything beautifully.  It’s so cool to see all of these bits and bobs I bought along my trip in Europe turn into pieces of art around my house that remind me of happy moments.

Here are some examples of what they did for me:


Guest Room: Black and White Post Cards Picturing Old Scenes from Cannes (did I mention I LOVE Cannes!)IMG_0361

Guest Room: Again, Black and White Post Cards Picturing Old Scenes from Cannes.  This room is all grey and yellow. I love these two colors together.  In fact, at the moment, I am loving yellow, as you can see in my photo from today above.  I just might…might be transitioning out of my electric pink phase….more to come on thatIMG_0353

Baby’s Room: A series of funny photos of our dog Tex.  He’s a coton de tulear with A LOT of personality.  So these images are quite fitting to his character.

Baby’s Room: One of my favorite items from my baby shower last year: mounted cards and signed onesie with all the advice and notes of love from friends and family

Exit from master bathroom into hallway of master bedroom: Mounted photos from our holiday in France

Master Bedroom: Gold decorative frames showcasing photos from the wedding- Photos by Javon Longieliere (the other frames on the dresser are old Ikea oldies but goodies)


Master Bedroom: Another gold decorative frame showcasing a photo from the wedding- Photo by Javon LongieliereIMG_0355

Living Room: Framed placemats from gift shops in the south of France


Entrance to Kitchen: Another framed placemat from the South of France


Guest Room Night Stand


Guest Bathroom

Back to Yellow– I wouldn’t leave you hanging in a post without a little fashion-talk =) maybe it’s being in the tropics, and we have had some lovely sunny days recently in Singapore… but for whatever reason, I am so attracted to this color right now.  I have a few other pieces that I will share with you soon, also varying electric shades of this happy color, and some items in the same hue that are on my wish-list for this season…Think LV, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney…Stay tuned


Yellow Top: Zara, White Shorts: bebe, Jewelry: LindseyMarie emerald cuff, sea green drusy quartz ring and white drusy quartz long necklace (with keshi pearl and butterfly motif)


Yellow Top: Zara, White Shorts: bebe, Shoes: Zigi Girl/Nordstrom, Jewelry: LindseyMarie white drusy quartz long necklace (with keshi pearl and butterfly motif)


Out and about via MRT

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