Lazy Sunday in Singapore


This Sunday was all about lounging and the basics…like groceries and family time.  We decided to change it up a bit and go to NTUC Fair Price grocery store in Novena, as I heard they have quite a large selection at some of the best prices in Singapore.  We decided to walk, which was a mistake…Singapore’s crossroads for pedestrians are few and far between and especially difficult if you have, say, a pram or your shopping caddy.  So, what was meant to be an 18 min walk according to google maps, turned into 1 hour in the heat and humidity of midday in Sing.

What we learned– Velocity mall is a sprots haven, with shops for every sports enthusiast, including a specialized running shop, complete with treadmill where an expert can assess your gait and find you the perfect shoe.  Adjacent is Square 2, where at the top you can find Fair Price.  While it’s true that you can find most common groceries quite a bit cheaper than other grocery stores, I wasn’t blown away by the selection.  Also, the aisles are itty bitty, making it quite a zoo at the weekends, when everyone is doing their big shop for the week.

Anyway, despite the only having mundane activities to attend to today, I decided to wear my new multi-colored jumpsuit that (I got from a small boutique in Antibes, when we were traveling through the South of France a few weeks ago) styled with some rose gold accessories and rose gold sandals. Such a shame to waste such a fun outfit on a lazy day.  But, oh well, it was still great fun.




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