Bowling, yes I said bowling, @ The American Club


Aside from being a very posh and beautiful country club, The American Club is home to the AAS (American Association of Singapore, and the AWA (American Women’s Association of Singapore).  So, even if you’re not a member of the American Club, there are many opportunities to drop in for activities.  One such activity I recently dropped in on, was the AWA bowling day. I’m no bowler, so I managed a fairly embarrassing score, but socializing was great as a new expat in a new city.  The AWA is a great organization for American women to network and socialize while we are all so far from “home.”  Next, I want to try out the American Club’s amenities to see if I’m interested in joining the club– In the summer, they have a 2 week offer, where you get a little sample of club life.  More to come on that.  Here’s a few shots from Bowling Day:


The Lanes


My Pre-Bowling Outfit- Love Watermelon Colors!

logo AAS logo-1

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