Pazzion- shoes shoes shoes! Bargain prices

of people, lots of food you’ve never seen before, stand after stand of wares from all over, and a little bit of chaos in the air.  The area is known for it’s bargain shopping.  I wasn’t really in the market for anything in particular but it did seem it had everything from trendy clothes, to bags, to house cleaning items and basic electrical appliances.  If I had brought my (super chic) caddy, I would have maybe stocked up on electrical adapters (for my various electronics- french, swiss, usa…)and cleaning goods, as to not pay those silly prices downtown.

Anyway…we did wander into the mall area and I found a little shoe shop that I thought was great and I want to share with you shoe lovers! almost everything was $69 so for starters, that’s a deal!  And there were actually some really great styles, including a pair of patent leather/gold cap toe pumps that were destined for my closet.  I would definitely go back for a couple other pairs that I had my eye on….

 IMG_0234 IMG_0236 IMG_0235

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