Alveda Gelish Mani and Spa Pedi


Pedi Alveda Mani Alveda

As I was saying, after taking about 2 weeks to settle into Singapore (unpack boxes, move furniture, decorate, join social clubs, etc..) it was definitely time for a beauty overhaul.  Far East Plaza did the trick for me.  While there are a ton of nail places to choose from, I went for Alveda as it seemed quiet and more importantly, clean.  They were efficient and the quality of their work was great– I walked in with mover’s hands (broken nails, cut down as short as possible) and they managed to fix me up.  This time I chose some flashy hot pinks for summer, this is a color I can’t get enough of right now.  More to come on that.  They have other services, such as Jurlique facials, high-end facials such as IPL Face Rejuvenation, and hair removal.  I hear that you normally need a reservation, so I would book to be sure.  I thought the results were great and I love that they didn’t take hours.  Don’t go expecting a luxurious spa treatment, but value for money is for sure.

Full Gelish Manicure $45, Spa Pedicure $35

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