Lash Extensions – Vain Beauty

Vain Beauty IMG_0227

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In Far East Plaza, you will find many shops, nail and hair salons, tailors, massage parlors, a hodge-podge of other trades and several options for hair and lash extensions.  I’ve been missing my long lashes since the last ones I had done in Switzerland (they only lasted 1 week! and they had definitely had a Swiss price tag =(  ).  Now, I’ve been in Sing for a couple of weeks, it’s time to get back to my beauty regimen.  Yesterday I went to Vain Beauty in Far East Plaza.  It’s pretty centrally located within the mall, and although it was kind of hectic, it seemed like they were doing good business and it was also much cleaner than a couple other lash places I passed by.  They apply the lashes a little differently than I’m used to, but then are very full and thick, and attached well.  The stylist told me they should last 1 month at least! So, let’s see how that goes… Basic set $30, Very full set (like mine) $50.  The whole process takes about 40 mins and you can drop in without an appointment.  (Love that about Singapore!!!)

Side note: While I was there, I saw them doing extensions and styling for a couple of ladies who were going to an event that night, and the result was long, full, wavy gorgeousness.

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