Adios Dallas, Au Revoir Genève, Ni Hao Singapore!

Marina Bay IMG_0043 IMG_0042 IMG_0041

Moving and adding Singapore to my list of where I call “home” has really been a mixed bag. So far, I love Singapore for all the buzz and city-life that I was missing in Geneva, but the actual move was total chaos…as it usually is for all of us.  So I’m a little burned out.  However, We’ve arrived, the furniture is in the condo, and now it’s time to decorate, meet new friends, and start having fun.

First stop was unsurprisingly Marina Bay Mall.  This is the iconic building in Singapore with the swimming pool at the top which overlooks the city (for another day).  At the bottom, is a beautiful mall, restaurants, and a hotel.  Up high, you can also visit the observation deck, and recently I’ve heard that there is an all-you-can-eat chocolate bar with a view…this will require further investigation =)

Climate has been a big change.  A lot of people complain about the heat and humidity, but I love it!  Tropics mean a whole different type of fashion than you find in Europe (which I love too don’t get me wrong).  But I’m very happy to be wearing pretty sandals, shorts, dresses and being able to go sleeveless pretty much all the time.  Women here really make an effort with their wardrobes.  The vibe is fashion forward, and very feminine.  You have influences from all over the world due to Singapore’s large expat community.  Styles from Tokyo, to Shanghai, Paris, New York, and a few from Dallas, Texas too =)

I like to mix it all up and go with how I’m feeling: H&M Ombré Fringe top, black high-waisted shorts and some bright blue LindseyMarie Turquoise Jewelry (Earrings and Rings).  A fun mix for a Saturday out visiting Singapore.



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